1 thought on “Digging America Out of Republican Debt… Again

  1. A Rep Hoyer bias piece. Both parties have made inexcusable mistakes. It got one part exactly right. The Feds have already borrowed $35,000 per person on my behalf and that amounts to at least $100,000 per household. The Rep President proposed. The Dems exacted. The Democratic President proposed. The Republicans enacted.
    Further, lets talk about the affect of this excess spending. Where has it brought us since Reagan/Dem House, Clinton/Republican House, and Bush/Democratic House. The money is spent and here we are.
    $8,500 per household: Let’s talk about the 8,500 per household the Obama and the Dems will borrow and spend next year ($850B). That 8,500 is being sucked out of the peoples pockets (the government has no money, it only takes from the people). The obvious point is send the $8,500 per household directly to the people, through tax reduction. What the economy for? To let 37 government economist decide how much to borrow and spend so my kids can pay it back?

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