Digby Nails It!

We’re in a real war, not a 3-day video game — and everyone seems surprised. The administration is desperately sending 130,000 more troops to Iraq to try to salvage the situation. They made a mistake believing the Iraqis would immediately surrender — never mind that the CIA and everyone else was trying to tell them this wouldn’t happen. The Chickenhawks overruled the military professionals who were saying more forces would be needed.

In this Hullabaloo piece, Even If They Hate Him, Digby nails it. You’ve got to go read the whole piece, but this here a bit of the flavor:

Merely proclaiming yourself to be “good” and Saddam “evil” is unlikely to persuade anyone but silly red-staters who carry around signs that say “W Is A Hottie.” Nobody else is going to buy it. Certainly not Iraqi people who have every reason to be a teensy bit skeptical of politicians who talk and act tough. They’ve learned the hard way that strong men aren’t particularly thrustworthy.

Now I’m going to give away the money quote, from Tom Tomorrow. Forgive me Digby, and Tom, but it’s just too good not to steal. (Actually, Digby stole it, too, which is how I found it.)

We took a lot of lessons from 9/11, but it occurs to me that there’s one we might have overlooked. When you attack a nation, people tend to rally around their leader — even if they hate him.

Blogquote award to Digby and Tom Tomorrow!