Digby! Digby! Digby!

I’ve been thinking about how to word it, that the Republican smear on Kerry is a smear on the military. But Digby (of course) says it far better than I would have, so I’ll just point to what he says: Hullabaloo:

“What these people are saying is that the US Navy awarded some of its highest medals for bravery to a coward. The many officers who signed those glowing fitness reports and awarded those citations are either liars or they are incompetent. The word of his shipmates, even the man whose life he saved, are worth nothing. You can’t believe military documentary evidence. It was all bullshit, every last piece of it.

And because of this it can now be said that all medals awarded for bravery are suspect. A superior military record is no longer a recommendation. Who can ever believe the government on this issue, now? If they were willing to reward the undeserving Kerry, for reasons about which we can only speculate, then obviously the entire system for awarding valor in combat is corrupt.”

Yep. The Republicans are saying that every single medal awarded to every single veteran is suspect — just to get a smear in on Kerry.

And, of course, by saying Kerry committed “atrocities” they’re spitting on the Vietnam Vets, calling them “baby killers.”