“There is a great big political battle going on with a bunch of guys who take no prisoners. We are not dealing with our daddy’s Republican Party. They are not going to disappear and they are not going to allow us to enact a progressive agenda unimpeded. We’d best take that into account because simply reforming the Democratic Party into a fighting progressive voice for change ain’t gonna get it done. We need every last person for this battle from all those awful DLC’rs and Democrats in the House and Senate to John Edwards to audacious faux Dem Wes Clark to Howard Dean. We don’t have to sign any loyalty oaths but we do have to be serious and mature and understand how terribly difficult and how high the stakes are in trying to govern with the sort of opposition that puts a criminal like Tom DeLay into a leadership position. They will fight with everything they have.”

Digby! Digby! Digby!