Did the Swiftboat story get turned around?

Granted that TV and talk radio are more important than print, and granted that some of the mud always sticks, tonight’s Google News front page Kerry headline group is mostly pro-Kerry / anti-Swiftboat Vets. If the story can be turned around — “Attempt to Slander Kerry Fails” rather than “Questions Raised about Kerry’s Record” — then Kerry wins.

There were a handful of neutral and negative headlines, but here are twelve of the first fifteen stories (about 7:30 PM PDT, August 22nd):

Kerry accuser ‘has no proof’

Eyewitnesses only proof for claim Kerry lied – Vietnam vet

Fellow skipper throws Kerry lifeline

Bush campaign denies ‘smear tactics’

Bush campaign aide resigns amid controversy over campaign ads

Kerry ad calls on Bush to ‘denounce the smear’

Vietnam Vet Says Has No Proof for Claim Kerry Lied

Vietnam vet rises to defend Kerry

Dallas PR maven helps vets make case against Kerry

Comrade vouches for Kerry valor in Vietnam

Volunteer aide to Bush campaign quits

Kerry Challenges Bush to Halt `Smear Campaign’ by Vietnam Vets

Google News: Kerry Story

(P. S. I unconsciously plagiarized the concept of this post from from Digby.)