Did Richardson Only Get 2%?

I have to point this out, because I am not seeing it in any reporting or blogs. The Iowa caucuses have a 15% threshold. If you are in a precinct and your candidate does not get 15% then you either go to another candidate of go home. Getting 2% in the Iowa caucuses means that you got over 15% in enough precincts. In other precincts it could mean you received anywhere from 0% to 14.9999% support.
Disclaimer, I have been consulting with the Richardson campaign.

1 thought on “Did Richardson Only Get 2%?

  1. It is also worth noting that that 2% figure represents 2% of the 2501 precinct delegates going to the 99 County Democratic Conventions, and finally the Iowa Democratic Convention where the final apportioning of nominating delegates is done. It is unlikely that 2% will survive all the way to the National Convention.
    Yes, it’s a damn complex system. But I like it, because it’s more like some of the “second choice” voting systems like the Condorcet Method. I think it truly represents the will of the people more accurately than other systems.

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