Did Bush Authorize?

The Boston Globe asks Will Bush give Rove a pass?

So why has Bush not acted? It seems there are two possibilities. The first is that he is a man of his word only when it suits his interests. Rove has been instrumental in Bush’s political success. Perhaps Bush meant to say that he has one set of rules for his advisers and another for everyone else. The second, more disturbing, possibility is that Bush authorized, either explicitly or implicitly, the leak to retaliate against Joseph C. Wilson IV, who publicly presented evidence that the administration was distorting facts to sell the American people on going to war. Either way, the president has painted himself into a corner.

Stop the cover-up.

3 thoughts on “Did Bush Authorize?

  1. Painted himself into a corner? I’m sure he thinks he’s painted himself out of that corner by nominating John Roberts for the Supreme Court. Note the timing. Bush has no integrity I’ve ever seen, and he’s willing to play politics with anything, including the Supreme Court, if he thinks it suits his current interests. He’s expecting this appointment to distract us from his little Rove problem and get that out of the news. So let’s not let him get away with it.

  2. DUH! Of course the idiot was in on the leak. Shit, he probably giggled about ratfucking Wilson by making his wife a target just as he mocked Karla Fay Tucker after he killed her. He is THE moral cretin of the ages.

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