Destroying Kerry’s Legitimacy – And OURS!

This just came in the e-mail, from Heritage Foundation’s TownHall. Heritage Foundation is the hub of the Republican Party’s network of organizations that spread their ideology to the public.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Time is short, so I’ll get straight to the point: on my desk at this very moment is a book with the potential, on its own, to stop John Kerry from becoming President of the United States.

My name is Tom Winter, editor-in-chief of HUMAN EVENTS. As you probably know, John Kerry rose to fame as a Vietnam War protester. But in recent years he has flipped that perception, remaking himself as a proud Vietnam veteran and war hero.

In UNFIT FOR COMMAND, John O’Neill (who succeeded Kerry as commander of Swift Boat PCF 94 in Vietnam) and co-author Jerry Corsi reveal that Kerry’s “war hero” image is one of the most elaborate frauds ever to be foisted on the American public. They also show why Kerry’s real record demonstrates that he is grossly unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.

Based on detailed interviews with Swift Boat veterans who served in Vietnam with John Kerry, UNFIT FOR COMMAND — [. . .] — gives you news-breaking revelations such as:

  • The facts about all of Kerry’s Purple Hearts, none of which were awarded for serious injuries
  • How two of John Kerry’s three Purple Hearts resulted from self-inflicted wounds – one of them so small it was treated with a standard bandaid
  • Proof that Kerry lied about his “rescue” of a Swift Boat crewman — the act for which he received a Bronze Star — which did not, as he falsely claimed, take place under fire
  • How Kerry spent much of his time in Vietnam filming himself in scenarios carefully designed to look dangerous
  • How Kerry turned the tragic death of a father and a small child in a Vietnamese fishing boat into an act of “heroism” by filing a false report
  • The gunner’s mate who sat behind and above Kerry for most of his Vietnam stay: why he came to regard Kerry as incompetent and dishonest
  • Why Swift Boat personnel, fed-up with his reckless behavior, asked Kerry to go home after he had served just four months in Vietnam
  • How John Kerry entered an abandoned Vietnamese village and slaughtered the domestic animals owned by the civilians and burned down their homes with his Zippo lighter

But that’s just for starters. UNFIT FOR COMMAND also reveals Kerry’s notorious un-American activities as spokesman for Vietnam Veterans Against the War — and much more that establishes beyond all doubt that Kerry is truly unfit to be President, including:

  • War hero? Yes — to the Communists! Why Kerry’s photo was found in the “Heroes of the Vietnamese Resistance” section of a war museum in Communist Vietnam
  • Kerry’s accusations of war crimes by Americans in Vietnam: how they relied on veteran impersonators who concocted incidents that were exaggerations or pure fabrications
  • Kerry’s says he confronted superiors with objections to military policies that he felt were inappropriate. Here’s proof that these conversations never took place
  • How as a leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, John Kerry attended a meeting where plans were discussed to assassinate prominent United States Senators who supported the war
  • How Kerry met secretly with Communist delegates at the Paris Peace Conference during the Vietnam War, and why some believe he violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice and federal law

UNFIT FOR COMMAND will be a crucial weapon in the battle to prevent a Kerry victory in November. It will go on sale in bookstores next month.

[. . .] [editing out sales stuff, including:]

  • The latest Democrat gambit to win Florida in the 2004 election: HUMAN EVENTS reports that liberal Sunshine State judges are trying to give the right to vote to as many as 620,000 convicted felons. (We can only conclude Democrats consider felons part of their core constituency!)
  • [. . .] Who made it virtually impossible for the FBI to check the backgrounds of Middle Eastern men in U.S. flight schools before 9/11? LIBERALS! The FBI was hamstrung by fear of a politically correct backlash from civil liberties absolutists, ethnic lobbyists and, of course, liberal editorialists and TV newscasters.

[. . .] When patriotic Americans learn the facts in UNFIT FOR COMMAND, they will return this self-serving liar to private life this November. Nothing less than our survival as a nation could hang in the balance.

Sincerely,Thomas S. Winter

President and Editor in Chief

Get the picture? They are starting a full-court press, starting where they left off on Clinton. The same crowd. The same tactics. They are going after Kerry’s legitimacy to be President, and going after it hard. And by extension, they are going after our legitimacy to call ourselves Americans! Every one of us! You think it’s just Kerry they feel this way about?

I would not be surprised if this kind of stuff incites people to violence. If you believed this kind of stuff, what would you be willing to do to keep Kerry from taking or keeping office? Remember the plane crashing into the White House, not to mention the OKC bombing, at the height of the same kind of stuff being blasted out from the Right’s lie factory?

And this is August. As the election draws near this kind of talk has to lead to much more serious opposition to Kerry from people who buy into this crap. I mean, they’re accusing Kerry of being a Communist agent who plotted to “assassinate prominent United States Senators”! This isn’t a joke. There are people who believe this stuff. That’s why they do it — because it works!

Then what comes if he wins — and is allowed to take office? I think this gives you an idea of the nature and intensity of attacks to be expecting from this crowd — from now on.

Will we – and the elected Democrats – be there to help Kerry, or will he be on his own, like Clinton was?