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Over at Talking Points Memo Josh Marshall describes Bush’s method of operation:

chest-thumping followed by failure followed by cover-up and denial

Today it’s Korea.

President Bush came to office believing that Clinton’s policy amounted to appeasement. Force and strength were the way to deal with North Korea, not a mix of force, diplomacy and aide. And with that premise, President Bush went about scuttling the 1994 agreement, using evidence that the North Koreans were pursuing uranium enrichment (another path to the bomb) as the final straw.
… All diplomatic niceties aside, President Bush’s idea was that the North Koreans would respond better to threats than Clinton’s mix of carrots and sticks.
Then in the winter of 2002-3, the US prepared the invade Iraq, the North called Bush’s bluff. And the president folded. Abjectly, utterly, even hilariously if the consequences weren’t so grave and vast.

The Republicans are going to try to blame Clinton for this. They have developed a narrative for it – but it is yet another lie to cover up that the conservative approach just does not work. But this is entirely the fault of Bushism.

3 thoughts on “Description of Bush

  1. I think Josh Marshall might have let the cat out of the bag without noticing it. He said the current admin’s policies in NK were strategic failures of the highest order just after predicting that one of the first results we’d be likely to see as a result of these “strategies” was Japanese rearmament.
    That’ll take some bucks, probably ours, to do and I’ll bet the crackers over at War Machines Inc. are salivating at the budding prospects. It couldn’t have just occured to them.
    After all, I’m a businessman myself and as such I’m always looking for new markets for the stuff I make and sell. Why should it be any different if you make cruise missiles and not pet urns, like we do at
    See how slick that plug was? You barely noticed it.

  2. Why sure, the best way to get N. Korea to comply was to call it part of the axis of evil, undo every bit of progress that had been made, and refuse to talk directly with them. I’m not sure what’s happened isn’t exactly what Bush wanted, and the same goes for the Bush policy towards Iran. It doesn’t seem possible that the goal is to destabilize the world, but maybe we should believe what we’re seeing. Gotta get to the Rapture, you know.

  3. I think the powers that be just use the “Rapture”. The Straussians consider themselves above religion. This is about money, to be made now, whatever the costs.
    If I had their business ethics, I’d be out killing cats and dogs in my spare time.

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