Denied Vet Benefits Because VoteVets member

Go read this DailyKos diary: Military Declares War On Obama, VoteVets. A veteran was denied PTSD benefits by the VA because he was a VoteVets member.

I don’t know what’s more troubling – that the VA KNOWS who shows up to political rallies …, or that they’re willing to use participation in an organization as the reason for denying care to the sick. We send these soldiers off to war to supposedly defend Constitutional freedoms, and then when the soldier upon returning home tries to exercise one, namely the freedom of speech, he is denied treatment.

The first part of the diary is about the military broadcasting anti-Obama smears from right-wing blogs to the troops.
Every branch of our government has been turned into a Republican Party-controlled propaganda-and-party-enforcement vehicle.
Watch your backs.

1 thought on “Denied Vet Benefits Because VoteVets member

  1. Did it used to be you would expect military people to display integrity, honor, and maybe honesty? Or was that just a figment of my imagination? How is it that these people have become corrupt, eager to push the ignorance and intolerance of religion, and now descriminating against those of different opinion? Is it possible that integrity ever be restored in our military and government?

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