Denial of Service Attack on my personal weblog.

It appears that someone has launched a denial of service attack on my personal weblog – the post at this URL:, accounts for 150 out of the last 200 accesses, and 670 out of the last 1000 … most of them from a small number of similar IP addresses. Given that the post is entitled “Nader endorses Camejo!”, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to draw the conclusion that someone angry about Nader’s selection of Camejo as his VP is trying to exact their revenge. Which is amusing, given that I’ve already stated that if the race is close in California, Kerry is likely to get my vote… despite the fact that I run a web site entitled Not to mention my rather ambiguous feelings about Nader’s campaign, also previously stated. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve decided turn my personal blog off, for the moment, to prevent the rest of the server from getting hammered. Seems like the Republicans aren’t the only types who believe in censorship. :/

Thomas Leavitt