Dems Adjourn Senate, Letting Unemployment Expire

Senate adjourns without extending unemployment, COBRA benefits,

This is horrifying. 1.2 million people are about to lose their unemployment benefits because of Senate rules.
People who lose their unemployment benefits are not going to think “oh, this happened because one Senator refused to agree to a unanimous consent on a motion to proceed, so I’ll blame that Senator.” No. That isn’t going to happen.
Democrats are in charge, and they are going to get blamed for this. Democratic attempts to blame this on Senate procedure will ring utterly hollow. Not only do people not understand, or care about, those rules, but it simply sounds wimpy and pathetic for the people running the United States Government to throw their hands up in the air and say “our procedural rules prevented us from doing anything to solve this huge problem. Sorry.”
Democrats did not have to adjourn. They could have kept fighting Bunning. Further, they all agreed to the rules under which the Senate operates, and most of them are still defending those rules. Blaming Senate procedure is not going to extend anyone’s unemployment or COBRA benefits, and its not going to win many hearts around the country.

Where is President Obama? Where are the Democratic leaders? What the hell – don’t they care that all these people are going to lose their unemployment benefits now? People will be thrown out of their apartments, etc., and the Senate leaves for the weekend???
What is the matter with these people? Blaming Republicans for this is like blaming scorpions for stinging people. It’s what they do — they hate government and they hate working people. It was supposed to be the Dems’ job to help the country. Where are they?

2 thoughts on “Dems Adjourn Senate, Letting Unemployment Expire

  1. I fear we have a Corporatist president who has enabled and emboldened the Corporatist parts of Democratic Party.
    Obama took single payer off the table and bargained away a public option with Big PhRMA and Big Hospital Corporations. He mandates health insurance, but from the same parasites who have been responsible for the incredible increases in premiums, deductibles, copays and the frightening decreases in coverage.
    He set up a special relationship with Sen. Baucus and brought Baucus’s chief of staff, with emphasis on health insurance, on as one of his ass’t chiefs of staff, with emphasis on health insurance. When Obama is being careful, he states clearly that he wants health INSURANCE reform, not health care. I noted with trepidation that Obama did not bring anyone from Ted Kennedy’s staff on board to help him with health CARE.
    So, somewhere, the principles of the Democratic Party have been changed or forfeited, at the very least muted. Paul Wellston’s Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party has been weakened and the balance is gone. Thus, the Democratic Congressional delegations seem to fly around in circles, getting nowhere. Nor does our president lead in the liberal direction.
    It appears there are parts of the Democratic Party which do not really want to associated with labor and laborers, with pesky women who want reproductive freedom, with many of its former base….
    People voted for Democrats as the alternative to the Republicans. We seem to have gotten Republican Lite.

  2. “Where is President Obama? Where are the Democratic leaders? ”
    They are all enslaved to their Republican overlords and have been since 1980. Expecting any Democratic ‘leader’ to go against the GOP is .. insane. No Democrat will ever go against their GOP slave-masters.
    Obama and the Democratic Party are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GOP, they are not going to uphold the values of the Democratic Party, never, ever. Not going to happen.
    70% of American citizens have no representation in Congress.
    And the Dems are working very hard, night and day, to make sure they lose the 2010 elections to the GOP, just as Obama is working tirelessly to lose 2012 to a Republican. That is why they were voted into office in the first place!

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