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Demos’ purpose is to help build a society where America can achieve its highest democratic ideals. We believe that requires a democracy that is robust and inclusive, with high levels of electoral participation and civic engagement, and an economy where prosperity and opportunity are broadly shared and disparity is reduced. Founded in 1999, Demos’ work combines research with advocacy – melding the commitment to ideas of a think tank with the organizing strategies of an advocacy group.

The readers of this blog might be particularly interested in this project:
Public Works: The Demos Center for the Public Sector

is working to directly challenge and roll back the conservative
movement’s thirty-year assault on the very notion of government.
We have embarked on a major strategic “reframing” project designed
to spark a dramatic shift in the public’s understanding of the
role of government, and to remind Americans of the public sector’s
core mission — to be an instrument of common purpose and to
enable citizens to accomplish together what they cannot achieve
alone. Our conclusions and recommendations from this research will
be published and widely disseminated later this fall, and we will
work with advocates and elected officials around the country to
help them change the nature of the debate.