Democrats Weenie Out Again

Dems Scrap Plans To Look Into Claims White House Manipulated Intel On Iraqi Threat:

David Helfert, a spokesman for Congressman David Obey, D-Wisconsin, who criticized the White House for relying too heavily on murky intelligence to get support for the war, said Friday that Congressional Democrats would no longer pursue hearings on the intelligence matter.

“We’re past that,” Helfert said, referring to the intelligence issue. “Those questions were eclipsed by the supplemental request by President Bush for $87 billion” to fund the Iraq war. “Congress is focusing on asking questions about the $87 billion, what it will be used for and whether it’s worth it. It would be a good characterization to say that the intelligence questions on Iraq and how the President came to believe that it had weapons of mass destruction are no longer an issue.”



Don’t they get ANYTHING? Don’t they take their jobs even a LITTLE bit seriously?

Both historically and politically this is THE most important question I can imagine. Historically, lying to the country in order to get us into a war — what could be more serious? This MUST be investigated!

Politically, 70% of the public believes that Iraq was behind 9/11. Imagine what would happen to the Republican Party if the public came to understand that this is a lie, that they were tricked, that the Republicans USED the 9/11 tragedy for their own gain, that they DROPPED the war on terrorism to invade Iraq (and dropped doing what’s needed to protect the public), that Iraq was NOT about terrorism, was NOT about weapons of mass destruction and was NOT about an imminent threat to the public? !!

Update – I left a nasty comment over at the DNC’S EXCELLENT NEW WEBLOG.