Democrats Speaking Out

“The Democrats” do speak out. The media doesn’t necessarily report what they say. People get an impression that “the Democrats” are silent… Some of what is found on the front page of the Democratic Party website (go there to click the links):

    * TIMELINE: What Happened When With Katrina
    * GOP RESPONSE: The Blame the Victims Chorus
    * KATRINA: Bush Will Report to Bush on Investigation of Bush Administration
    * SENATE: Another Republican Smears the Victims

    * KATRINA: President Bush’s Responsibility
    * KATRINA: Senate Democrats’ Relief Plan
    * KATRINA RESPONSE: Dean on the Bush Adminstration’s Political Strategy
    * HELP THE RED CROSS: Contribute to Relief Efforts
    * PARTY AFFAIRS: DNC Fall Meeting Postponed; Staff Given Leave to Participate in Volunteer Relief Efforts
    * IRAQ: There was a Plan to Win WWII; Why Not Iraq?
    * LOUISIANA: Landrieu Blasts Bush for Photo-Ops and Lack of Help
    * ARIZONA: Kyl Smears the Victims
    * LOUISIANA: Emergency Numbers and Other Important Information
    * MISSISSIPPI: State Emergency Managment Agency Resources
    * ALABAMA: Utility and Safety Contact Information
    * YOUNG PEOPLE: Democrats from Texas and Nevada Organizing Aid
    * WOMEN: Celebrating Women’s Equality Day
    * YOUNG PEOPLE: On the Road with Young Democrats
    * VETERANS: Bush Has Abandoned National Guard and Reserve
    * WOMEN: We Need the Truth on Robert’s Partisan Agenda

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  1. Thanks. I hadn’t looked there for a long time, and they’ve turned their website into a valuable resource.

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