Democrats Read This

Matt Stoller has a post up, MyDD :: A Platform for 2006: Dream Big, Democrats. I know some of you “Washington Democrats” are reading here, so if you haven’t yet, go read Matt’s post.

  • Impeach the Secretary of Defense and all other responsible parties for incompetence and criminal negligence in the prosecution of the war in Iraq
  • A Constitutional Right to Privacy
  • A Higher Minimum Wage
  • Universal Health Care
  • Universal Free University Education
  • National Mass Transit
  • Full Corporate Governance Reform to End Corporate Corruption
  • National Free Internet Access and Copyright Reform

If I had to pick just one addition it would be the Apollo Alliance.

…a moonshot for energy independence and good jobs. A crash program for sustainable energy independence would create three million good jobs, free the nation from imported oil, and promote a healthier environment.

Jobs, energy, environment and strengthening the country. What’s not to like? (Remember to join while your at their website.)

8 thoughts on “Democrats Read This

  1. Important additions:
    1) Every voting device used in any national, state or local election must be capable of having its accuracy verified solely by appropriate election officials, without intervention from any manufacturers (or their agents). Furthermore, all voting devices must be apportioned to individual precincts according to the number of registered voters in each precinct.
    2) The power of politicians, from the president on down, to issue pardons must be removed. This has
    become a cancer on our democracy and a Constitutional amendment to halt the practice must be
    2) The practice of “lobbying” must be discontinued and attempts to influence legislation by any person
    or organization with a direct or indirect financial interest in such legislation must be made a Federal
    crime and subject to particularly harsh penalties.

  2. I would add ending the war on drugs, starting with the legalization of marijuana.
    Prohibition causes more troubles than drugs.

  3. Abolition of lobbying is of course required, but no democrat will support that.
    Most important OF ALL is unambiguous legal declaration that the fourteenth amendment does not apply to corporations, that corporations can in no way be considered as persons for any legal purpose. It is stunning how many problems that would solve directly or indirectly.

  4. If we can’t crimminalize lobbying, we CAN demand accountability – full and public. What we have now is not enough.

  5. It is a start, and we do need to give up the stupid drug war anddo something about the pay to play lobbyists that doesn’t impinge on their free speech, but there is another thing we should talk about.
    Length of legislation. Do we really need 10,000 page omnibus bills? Who, aside from a random pharmaceutical or chemical company benefits from that?
    Iassert that the length and the lingual complexity of the average bill is little more than an attempt to shut average citizens out of the democratic process. I believe that it would be more efficient, cost effective and open to put an upper limit on the length of any and all legislation.

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