Democrats need Not Apply

Our government is not supposed to be a one-party system. But Bob Geiger writes that Senate GOP Majority Killed Most Democratic Bills in New Year. 90% of all legislation brought to the floor by Democrats was killed. And he shows examples. Go read

3 thoughts on “Democrats need Not Apply

  1. You are making a good point, Dave! Also makes one wonder what kind of democracy BushCo. want to spread – in the Middle East and elsewhere ..

  2. If I was a dem (shudder), I would kill EVERY repug bill. Without even reading them. Without a moment’s hesitation, thought, or least of all, guilt. Wouldn’t you? Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re a democrat — a wuss.
    (Are there any repug places online where I can trade TROLL HATS for cash?)

  3. What used to happen, way back in the old days when the Democrats controlled congress, was a lot of bipartisan legislation. Anyone here old enough to remember that? Now that nobody takes legislation seriously and destroying each other is what’s important this country can’t accomplish anything. Anything at all, no matter how obviously desperately needed.

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