Democrats Lost Iraq?

Many people only read the headlines and the first paragraph or two…
The Moonie paper: It’s important to ‘keep hate alive’ – The Washington Times,

Destroying a president is not much of a strategy to win a war, but it’s all the Democrats have.
The churls of the left don’t seem to care whether their country wins the war, the important thing is to “keep hate alive.” If hate worked in ’06, maybe it will work again in ’08, when the stakes will be considerably higher.

And examples of these Democrats “keeping hate alive?”

Susan Collins of Maine, a Republican, asks whether “the clock has already run out.” The very point of her question is the smug assertion that of course it has. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, who has all but given up his ambition to be John McCain when he grows up, says the obvious: “We have anarchy in Iraq. It’s getting worse.” You can hear the glee in his voice. John Warner of Virginia, eager to demonstrate that he’s no son of the hard, determined men who wrote the book on standing firm against all odds as a fabled army of northern Virginia, rushes to join partisans across the aisle to forge a resolution of regret, retreat and ruin. “Nonbinding,” of course. Senators never bind themselves to anything but their egos and personal interests (which is why we haven’t elected a senator as president in nearly half a century).
… The fiercest critics of the commander in chief (the one the critics despise) and his troops (the ones the critics support) concede they don’t have a clue about what the president should do in Iraq. “I can’t tell you what the path to success is,” says Norm Coleman, a Republican of Minnesota.

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  1. I tried to respond to these folks at the washington times, but of course it is impossible. But here is what I would write: It is really wonderful that writers like you are able to express your ignorance so openly, supported by a resource that specializes in posting such crap. But I have a serious question. Do you really believe the garbage you spout, or are you just getting a paycheck? In other words, are you vastly stupid, or just whores?

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