Democrats Know Better

Chris Bowers at MyDD:

We can make gains in 2006 by pointing out a simple truth: Republicans think things are great in Iraq. Democrats know that isn’t true. Republicans think the economy is great. Demcorats know that isn’t true. Republicans believe that the direction of this country has never been better. Democrats know that isn’t true. Demcorats will make an economy that works for everyone. Demcorats will make a more accountable Iraq, with a real timetable to end the war. Democrats know the future can be better, while Repbulicans think everything is fine as it is.

Of course go read the whole thing.

5 thoughts on “Democrats Know Better

  1. True… but only up to a point.
    The Demcorats are capable of acknowledging that things are less than perfect, when it is to their political advantage to do so… but that is pretty much it. When it comes to actual action (even setting aside their status as the minority party), they are inadequate at best.
    “Demcorats will make an economy that works for everyone.”
    How? Name one proposal you expect them to campaign on that does more than nibble at the edges (such as Kerry’s “Kids First Act”) without making fundamental changes. At best, you can expect Demcorats to make an economy that is marginally less harmful to the bottom 90% of the American public… which, of course, is a vast improvement over the current Administration’s desire to make an economy that works for the top 1%, but hardly a standard to be inspired by.
    “Demcorats will make a more accountable Iraq, with a real timetable to end the war.”
    This is where I think the delusion is highest – this war becomes the Demcorat’s problem the moment a Demcorat takes office as President. They have no more idea about how to make the situation there work successfully than anyone else (including the folks in Iraq). Sure, possibly, the war might be conducted in a *marginally* less corrupt/profiteering fashion than it currently is (most likely, the corruption and profiteering will be simply more equitably distributed), but that’s it.
    The only positive aspect of a Demcoratic Administration’s conduct of the war in Iraq is the possibility, however remote, that (unlike our current misleader in chief) they might be able to bite the bullet and come to the conclusion that it is simply time to get the (bleep) out, no matter what the short term costs, in order to stem the bleeding.
    Fundamentally, the Demcorats offer no real challenge or alternative to the status quo in American political economics. The lesser of two evils is still the lesser of two evils, period.

  2. Eager, partisan Demcos will point out that they will secure abortion rights and act on the right side of other social issues. True, but isn’t this just the reverse of the same coin the Repbulicans peddle to their base to keep them in line?
    On the REAL issues that set the economic (that is, REAL) terms of everyone’s life (except the very rich, who are always immune), there is little that separates the Demcos from the Repbuls.

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