Democrats Are Getting Flanked On Iraq War

Following Dave’s link to Paperwight’s By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them I ran across what should be a red flag for the Democratic Party.
Hagel 2008: Declare Iraq Victory And Leave: You’re getting flanked, chumps.

If the Democrats can be kept on the warmongering side, it allows the Republicans to keep selling the Iraq war as bipartisan, blurring the distinctions between the parties, and allows a Republican (think Chuck Hagel) to flank the Democrats as the declare-victory-and-get-out candidate in 2008.

A lot of people kept trying to tell the Pro-War Dems that they were making a mistake, Howard Dean being the most visible. And, now, most of the country thinks we were right and Hagel is capitalizing on that movement.
But hey, the “centrists” must be right. The DLC / Blue Dog triangulation Dems’ need to be almost-Republicans will never bite us in the ass. Nope. Never.