Democrat Party

Sideshow points out that Dick Cheney, in his non-partisan “uniter-not-a-divider” appearance on the Rush Limbaugh show last week, talked about the “Democrat Party”. Sideshow thinks the mispronunciation sounds illiterate. (I thought this about Bush using “nucular” all through Thursday’s UN speech.)

Actually, this particular misuse of “Democratic Party” dates back to the early-60s John Birch Society days, and those far-right-wingers that we used to call “kooks.” (“Precious bodily fluids.”) These are the guys who used to say “Jew York Times” but now have PR training so they say “liberal media” to cover what they really mean. In this new Republican Party it’s a badge of honor to come from the farthest-possible-right-wing backgrounds, and the kooks show off by using “Democrat Party” as a code word to each other. Listen for this, you’ll hear the older far-far-right guys saying it.