Democracy For America Downing Street Memo Flash

DFA has a snazzy little Flash presentation illustrating what the Downing Street Memo is all about, designed to be forwarded to friends and family who are not familiar with what all the fuss is about. It’s attached to a petition they are encouraging folks to sign, demanding that Congress get the message.

5 thoughts on “Democracy For America Downing Street Memo Flash

  1. You may be a victim of your own success in this. Last year it was revealed conclusively before the election that there were no WMDs and the electorate still reelected Bush by a several million vote margin. At this point, the public is going to look at this memo, shrug their shoulders, and say “and?”. It is not that the people are stupid, they understand this is a war initiated on flawed reasons, it is that they have gotten beyond that point.
    But this could also back-fire. The point of the Democrats now should be to turn public support against the Republicans, but the Republicans might not play along. If an Impeachment is brought it could do to the Dems what the CLinton Impeachment did to the Reps in ’98: hurt their chances. And the Repubs could go around demanding the Dems not waste the peoples time and say “a censure is enough!”. If a censure motion is brought, the Repubs could say “OK!” and sign onto it thereby ensuring that public approval did not turn against the GOP as a whole. And Bush would not care, he is a lame-duck.
    Anyway you play it, your chances against the GOP do not look good. But what do I care, I am on the sidelines enjoying the two major parties tear each other apart.

  2. Could be useful for spreading the word, but they need to lose the loud, goofy, cartoonish music first — we are, after all, talking about the document that proves hundreds of U.S. troops have died in vain in an immoral and illegal war.

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