Dem Debate

A quick observation. Gephardt several times took past statements or positions by other candidates, distorts them, and then tries to claim this means the other candidate has a different position than that candidate really has, or that the candidate has somehow flip-flopped. He has done this several times. I like Gephardt — a lot — but this is the kind of thing that is so distasteful about “old politics.” This is one of the tricks Republicans use.

Lieberman did this, about Dean’s records. And now Kerry is doing this. What do they think they gain? The uninformed vote?

Who the hell is Michelle Norris, asking questions about “tax relief?” Tax RELIEF? She gets her questions from the Republican Party? From Lakoff:

“On the day that George W. Bush took office, the words “tax relief” started appearing in White House communiqu├ęs. Think for a minute about the word relief. In order for there to be relief, there has to be a blameless, afflicted person with whom we identify and whose affliction has been imposed by some external cause. Relief is the taking away of the pain or harm, thanks to some reliever.

This is an example of what cognitive linguists call a “frame.” It is a mental structure that we use in thinking. All words are defined relative to frames. The relief frame is an instance of a more general rescue scenario in which there is a hero (the reliever), a victim (the afflicted), a crime (the affliction), a villain (the cause of affliction) and a rescue (the relief). The hero is inherently good, the villain is evil and the victim after the rescue owes gratitude to the hero. “