Defending America?

The Left Coaster, in Dead-Checking discovers that war crimes might be part of our military doctrine.

“It doesn’t matter if later on we find out you wiped out a family of unarmed civilians.”

I understand the need to protect yourself and others in combat. But for Americans, being in combat assumes that you are in that situation because you are fighting to defend America and Americans.

From the post,

As one marine said: “What does the American public think happens when they tell us to assault a city?” one of them said. “Marines don’t shoot rainbows out of our a**es. We f**king kill people.”

So, did “the American people” tell them to assault a city? If so, why? What American interest was served?

Is what we did in Fallujah, and are doing now in the Sunni Triangle, about defending America? Is what we are doing in Iraq about defending America?

Many so-called “conservatives” will argue that all of this is justified by long-term goals of democratizing the Middle East. (At least, those “conservatives” who accept this particular justification-of-the-day.) Is that why we’re there? Other “conservatives’ will give different justifications for the invasion.

Why did we invade Iraq? You get different answers depending on who you ask. And that ought to tell us something about all of this. Even conservatives, I would think.

It is said that democracies do not choose go to war, unless attacked. In fact, this is part of the justification for the “democratizing the Middle East” argument. And maybe there was justification for invading Iraq if our government really did believe Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and had the means and immediate intent to use them against us. That was certainly the justification used to sell the war to the public. (A second war at a time when we were already engaged in another war – against al-Queda.) But it has long since become clear that this argument was only used to trick the public into supporting the invasion. (Even war-supporters have to admit this.) In any event, Saddam and his party are no longer running Iraq, and we know there are no weapons of mass destruction and weren’t any for a decade.

Here we are, going on two years since we invaded, and no one can even really pin down why we did it. Everyone has their own theory.