"Declaration Banned" Story — Parents Still Dealing With It

Do you remember the story about the right-wing lie that the Declaration of Independence was banned at a school? (See also eRiposte.) Well, it served the purposes of the Right very well — according to Google there are about 8200 websites that talk about it.

But the local parents are still dealing with the fallout from this right-wing hit-and-run attack. See the site of We the Parents.

Our grassroots organization has come about as a way of responding truthfully to the negative media campaign crafted by a group of lawyers who have filed a lawsuit, which we feel is frivolous, against our school, our principal, Patricia Vidmar, and the Cupertino Union School District board of Education.

Our mission is to clarify the misconceptions created about our school so that we can rescue our reputation as one of the best schools in the area, State, and our Great Nation

These are just regular people in a local school district that one day found itself used as a pawn in the Right’s game. It’s intersting to see how they are responding. Go to the “Parents Pages” and read some of the essays and letters.