2 thoughts on “Death Squads

  1. Well, yeah. “Cave men with cell phones” is the way one friend described it. We’re talking about feudal, and in many ways pre-feudal societies with an overlay of modern technology. This does not necessarily include the moral code or values of westernized modern societies — which at this point I’m not sure are all that morally advanced anyway. This is equally true in much of middle and S. America. We’re talking about highly intelligent people who have clung to ancient tribal identities, ideologies, and traditions that date back to the stone age. Why should we be shocked when they act according to their own values and traditions?
    And no matter who’s doing what to whom, how will we benefit by taking sides in a civil war? Perhaps our main danger is becoming corrupted by it.

  2. Thanks for the tip Dave. Bilmon is on target as usual. It is astounding how easily the M$M accepts Bush’s assault on American norms by implicitly condoning torture and death camps.

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