Death for Political Purposes

Now folks when Dave put up this post, I really wasn’t sure I bought the premise of it.

Surely W and the boys aren’t going to have our little puppet government (currently headed by noted INC liar Ahmad Chalabi) in Iraq have a trial and execute Saddam just before the election in order to have the news dominated by this story next fall, thereby helping to assure W’s re-election, right?

Well, my goodness. Since W apparently spent a fair amount of time in his interview / positive photo op tonight with the Diane Sawyer of the SCLM on ABC talking about this very topic, I can’t help but wonder now.

I mean, heck folks, I think Saddam’s a monster who should be put on trial (although perhaps not executed — that’s always barbaric).

However, if this trial and execution becomes a story primarily for domestic political consumption to help W’s re-election chances, that’s just surreal and horrific all by itself — not that I have a great deal of sympathy with Saddam or anything.

Surely they really wouldn’t do this, right?