Dear Senate: ROLL OUT THE COTS! People Need To See Cots!

The latest obstruction: Senate Rejects Fed Nominee
This is bullshit. “The Senate” didn’t “reject” the Fed nominee, ONE Senator placed a “hold” on the nomination. Pure obstruction. There have been over 100 filibusters since President Obama took office!
The public just isn’t getting it that the things they want and need are being blocked by a few obstructionists. The public does not like filibusters or obstruction, but do not KNOW that filibuster and obstruction are occurring. And they aren’t going to know unless it is driven home to them, repeated, pounded and dramatized.
Dramatized! That is what the public understands! ROLL OUT THE COTS! The public understands cots! They need to see COTS!

This is another opportunity for theater. Cots! Set up a giant “Filibuster Counter” that shows how many filibusters there have been so far! Roll out the cots! Just bring out a bunch of cots, set them up in the Senate where photographers can get pictures! Set up an “Obstruction Livecam” that shows Senators sitting on the cots, sleeping overnight. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with actual Senate proceedings, it just has to dramatize that everything is being obstructed.
Roll out the cots!