Dear New York Times,

Dear New York Times,
For those among you who don’t like the progressive blogosphere, take a look at an example of how the right-wing blogosphere feels about you. And be sure to read the comments, particularly the one about how they should have shot your publisher instead.
Blackwater Already High On My List, Goes Higher | Redstate,

The New York Times alleges that Blackwater, note the headline blaming Blackwater and not Blackwater employees, killed its dog.
I thought this was a joke at first, but the New York Times had a dog that attacked a bomb sniffing dog helping Blackwater and the Blackwater team shot the liberal’s dog.
Now, isn’t that typical. It’s not just the New York Times that undermines the war and security efforts. It’s their damn dog too.
I bet it was a female dog. That’d make it more ironic.
Good for Blackwater and I sincerely hope that the New York Times is actually telling the truth this time and isn’t fabricating details. But I wouldn’t be surprised by a fabrication on their part.

FYI – Redstate is one of the most prominent right-wing blogs.
Another here – see the comments as well.