Dear Leader Weeps For Us

Through The Left Coaster: The Left Coaster: Great Timing – Newsweek Says That Bush Really Cries And Cares About Dead Soldiers.
Newsweek has an article about how Bush cries over the dead soldiers. Hold your stomaches, this is major emotional praise-Dear-Leader-propaganda:

President Bush was wearing “a huge smile,” but his eyes were red and he looked drained by the time he got to the last widow, Crystal Owen, a third-grade schoolteacher who had lost her husband in Iraq. “Tell me about Mike,” he said immediately. “I don’t want my husband’s death to be in vain,” she told him. The president apologized repeatedly for her husband’s death. When Owen began to cry, Bush grabbed her hands. “Don’t worry, don’t worry,” he said, though his choking voice suggested that he had worries of his own. The president and the widow hugged. “It felt like he could have been my dad,” Owen recalled to NEWSWEEK. “It was like we were old friends. It almost makes me sad. In a way, I wish he weren’t the president, just so I could talk to him all the time.”
[. . .] As he spoke, Ascione could see the grief rising through the president’s body. His shoulder slumped and his face turned ashen. He began to cry and his voice choked. He paused, tried to regain his composure and looked around the room. “I am sorry, I’m so sorry,” he said.

This is Newsweek providing cover for Bush over the Cindy Sheehan fiasco. There just is no other way to see this. Expect to see more of this, everywhere — that’s how they work.
Steve at Left Coaster writes,

Well, it’s clear to see what the White House got for beating the stuffing out of Newsweek earlier this year over the Koran desecration stories.
As soon as Cindy Sheehan started doing some damage to Bush’s image as a wartime leader, we could expect to see this: a story from the mainstream media telling us that Bush really does care and that he cries in private when he visits with the families of the fallen at military bases.

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  1. You’re More Than Sorry, You’re Pathetic

    So President Bush has met with more than 700 family members of 270 soldiers killed in Iraq. I’m sorry, but this fluff piece from Newsweek (I’m So Sorry) just doesn’t cut it for me. How is it that myself, half

  2. Well, I think I’ve finished barfing. Yeah, it sure looks like Newsweek has figured out what it has to do to keep from being ripped to shreds by the administration. This is so sickening that — excuse me, I’ve gotta go barf again.
    How long is the public going to keep falling for this shit? Is the public still falling for this? Anyone with half an IQ point should be able to figure out how easy it would be for Bush to silence Cindy Sheehan. All he has to do is TALK to her. He’s not doing this because he wants to have this as an issue.

  3. The chickenheart does not weep; you can take that to the bank. While this is going on, the bigtime media is speaking in terms of the Administration’s “lowered expectations” in Iraq, which is Beltway jargon for failure.
    A majority of Americans have looked in vain for George Bush’s never-quite-grasped accountablity.. Cindy Sheehan is demanding such accountability on behalf of all of us.
    He who never admits a mistake has made Iraq safe for theocracy. This vainglorious President, who is the very index of superficiality and emptiness, is going to be fronted by NEWSWEEK as a fountain of tears? What are his regrets, then? Surely he cannot be imagined as sobbing over his lies. Those lies were instrumental to his power and propaganda.
    Cindy Sheeahn has described an arrogant, coarse, and condescending behavior, when the President met with her and other bereaved families. Her picture, of a man filled with hubris, is a portrait which is overwhelmingly validated by the last four years of American experience.

  4. It is overly dramatic,perhaps it is satire.
    If this is not a comedy, it should be. Where is our street theater, our mock deference, our unrelenting ridicule?

  5. ‘Newsweek providing cover for Bush over the Cindy Sheehan fiasco’ – well said Dave! And sooo true .. What is it with these media w….s – groupthink or what??

  6. ‘He who never admits a mistake has made Iraq safe for theocracy.’ Not only Iraq but also increasingly the US of A, Copeland!

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