Dear “Journalists” – They Want You Dead

Are any big-media “journalists” reading this? In case you didn’t understand the context of the current discussion, treason carries the death penalty. They’re talking about killing you.
Are your really sure you want to be helping this crowd?
Update – Think I’m going overboard? See the following:

Didn’t We Execute The Rosenbergs For Less?

Wouldn’t executing Risen, Lichtblau, and Keller for treason (along with the person or persons responsible for leaking the government secrets) bring with it the ancillary benefit of encouraging other journalists and editors to find more socially beneficial ways to win a Pulitzer Prize and government leakers other ways of carrying out their leftwing Democratic party-supporting political agenda?

And, to make another point, it’s about the money. NY Times Continues Terrorist Support,

It has become increasingly clear that multiple members, if not most, of the leftist mainstream media no longer care about either the fate of the American people at the hands of terrorists or the survival of the United States. … In fact, the Times seems to have viewed it as a “duty” to inform said terrorists of the program’s danger to their organizations. … Is this just another example of anything for a buck … In this case, prosecutions are not only highly warranted, they are necessary for our continued survival. The Constitutional protections afforded to a “free press” do not include treason.

The Treasonous Times Must Be Prosecuted!

AG Gonzalez must bring charges against the Times and other media outlets, whether he can successfully prosecute them or not. After all, even a failed prosecution will yield a successful result: the MSM will definitely think twice before publishing classified information in the future.

For those not yet clear that the Right is using code-words for the Jew York Times, Captains Quarters writes,

… all they care about is their own grasp of money rather than that of the terrorists.

Updates – Beyond calling for prosecuting and executing jopurnalists, PowerLine encourages readers to attack the Times themselves:

The Times and its likeminded media colleagues will undoubtedly continue to undermine and betray the national security of the United States until they are taught that they are subject to the same laws that govern the conduct of ordinary citizens, or until an enraged citizenry decides, like Bill Keller, to take the law into its own hands and express its disagreement some other way.

15 thoughts on “Dear “Journalists” – They Want You Dead

  1. “the Jew York Times”
    That’s real tasteful, Dave. Don’t the liberals claim that hatemongers reside on the right? Apparently, their eyes have been closed for far too long.
    Here’s a website that you and your readers might enjoy:
    By the way, thanks for the ping. Maybe a few of your readers will begin to see the light if they choose to follow the trail.
    Dr Politico

  2. OK, so then why the right-wing focus on the NYTimes doing this “for the money?” I’m seeing that everywhere. “Grasping at money” is about as code-word anti-Semetic as you can get. The origin of the term “liberal media” happens to be “Jew media”.

  3. Dave,
    Remember, never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
    You are absolutely correct about the derivation of “liberal media” and the use of certain money-referencing phrases. However, I suspect that there are many on the right, including dear Dr. Politico, who are simply too stupid to understand the subtexts of the right-wing memes that they regurgitate. It wouldn’t surprise me to read similar attacks on LGF, and anti-semitism is about the only thing you can’t fairly accuse those guys of.
    These people are simply morons and I’ve had about all I can take of their idiocy. They are too stupid to realize that this is a non-story. Too stupid to realize that terrorists ASSUME we do all we can to track them don’t need the NYT to print that revelation. They are too stupid to appreciate the harm they are doing to the Constitution and our country with their idiotic accusations. And they are too stupid to realize that an administration that outs its own operatives, blows the cover of Al Qaeda double agents, and lets Ahmed Chalabi leak sources and methods intel to Iran is an administration that has zero credibility on this issue.
    Fortunately, the American people are finally fed up with Dr. Politico and his merry band of morons.

  4. space,
    “Remember, never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
    Stupididty is best demonstrated by people who resort to personal attacks to get their points across. Of ourse, your point was completely obscured by the the ten references you made to “stupid,” “moron” and “idiocy.”
    Before you judge my intellectual capacity, space, you should make sure that yours is within comparable range. If you’d like to compare transcripts, I’d be more than willing to do so. I’m assuming that you went to college, but I could be wrong.
    Broadly labeling the right-wing as anti-Semitic is a bit of a stretch. Actually, it’s offensive and entirely unfounded.
    In your post, you imply that Captain’s Quarters is anti-Semitic. If you can back that claim up with some evidence, your assertion would be less repugnant. Surely you can dig up some evidence, right? I believe that extensive archives exist that you can dig though.
    One last thing that you and your lapdog, space, should consider. The root of anti-Semitism does not rest in words or catch phrases like “liberal media.” Rather anti-Semitism was primarily the product of intolerance that other religious doctrines promoted, especially Christianity.
    Dr Politico

  5. I never said Captain’s Quarter’s is anti-Semitic. I said they have joined in using code-words designed to appeal to anti-Jewish sentiments. When the Right’s attack on the NY Times is based on their “grasping for money” it’s beyond obvious what they are saying.
    Republican appeals to anti-Semitism, especially in the South, are certainly nothing new. One does not have to BE anti-Semitic to use it as a strategy.

  6. “and anti-semitism is about the only thing you can’t fairly accuse those guys of.”
    Oh yes you can. Of course the propagandists putting out this crap realize that every word Space is saying is true. Truth is not the point, has nothing to do with their goals, and it’s not stupidity on their part. it’s an appeal to national stupidity, and anti-Semitism is very much a part of that. As to whether they are personally anti-Semetic, the answer happens to be yes. I don’t know the Bush – Cheney crowd, but through the years I’ve known plenty of their colleagues on the far right, and as a Jew named Johnson, they’ll speak freely around me. I’ve heard things over the years that would knock your socks off.

  7. “I’ve known plenty of their colleagues on the far right, and as a Jew named Johnson, they’ll speak freely around me. I’ve heard things over the years that would knock your socks off.”
    Have you ever met people on the far left, MJ? They can be equally Anti-semitic. In fact, I think the extreme of either side converge at hatred.
    As a Jew whose name is not Johnson, I use the term “anti-Semitic” very sparingly. However, as a doctoral candidate at one of the most liberal universities in the country, UC berkeley, I can say that I have witnessed anti-Semitic acts on numerous occasions. I would never imply, however, that the acts of a few misguided liberals represent liberals or the left in general.
    Anti-Semitism is perpetuated by stupidity and stupidity is not bounded by liberal or conservative labels. As a Jew named Johnson, I’d expect you to recognize that.
    Dr Politico

  8. Dr. Politico, I don’t know in what field you’re getting your doctorate, but I’ll guess it’s not political history. Yes, I’ve known plenty of liberals on the far left through the years, especially considering that I’ve spent most of my adult life associated with what you’d consider to be liberal universities. Anti-Semitism is not ingrained into liberal philosophy the way it is ingrained into right wing philosophy a an integral part of it, yes, even in the US. If you doubt me, check out those history books. I’m not going to do your homework for you.

  9. How nice to see all the Jewish loving people congregated here. Will everyone join me in expressing our support for the Jewish State of Israel? And condemn the deplorable terrorist tactics of Hamas, and all groups who publicly state their goal is the destruction of Israel.
    Talking about how other people are anti-semitic doesn’t actually do much for Jews. Why not state an actual principal and sign on here with:
    “I support Israel”
    Three little words. I look forward to working with MJ and Dave toward a secure Jewish State.

  10. A “Jewish” state? Is that like America being a “Christian” nation? I don’t support religious governments. Bad idea – like Iran, or the Taliban.
    Yes, I deplore the terrorist acts of Hamas. Also, collective punishment – like bombing Gaza today or restricting Palistinean people from getting to work -is a crime.

  11. Why not state an actual principal and sign on here with: “I support Israel”
    Why? Does this “support” require mindless agreement with every policy and act of that country’s right-wing government? Ooops, I guess my anti-semitism is showing.

  12. Thanks guys. I just wanted to illustrate that you talk a good anti-semitic game. The fact that you don’t see any difference between Israel and Iran pretty much says it all. Sad.

  13. Don’t let Dr. Dense misdirect this conversation. He’s succeeded in twisting it away from the real topic — conservatives calling for the imprisonment and even murder of journalists for actually doing their jobs — to a ridiculous defense of the usage of the right-wing meme “Jew York Times.” Nice one, Doc, but we’re on to you. Try again later.
    Back to the topic at hand. These courageous journalists and media outlets need to know we support them 100% when they finally get off their knees and report some news. Their jobs are to make government officials uncomfortable, to find out what laws they are breaking or Constitutional guarantees they’re throwing aside, and howl to the high heavens until something is done about it. This is an example of just such an instance. The lapdog media needs bellyrubs for getting something right as much as they need a kick in the butt for screwing up. Fire up those e-mails, cards, letters, and phone calls, and don’t just contact the reporters themselves, contact their publishers and parent organizations. Let them know you appreciate their work.

  14. Faux Journalists (in both senses) of course have nothing to worry about. It is only those who wander off “Free Press Reservations” who can be shot on sight (and in Iraq have been, many times.)
    Drama Queens who go to jail to protect abuse of power will be held up as the new Ideal.
    Kinda gives “Yellow Journalist” a whole new look.

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