Dean to President Bush: ‘It’s Time for the Truth’

I just read Dean to President Bush: ‘It’s Time for the Truth.’ This is a very hard-hitting, extensive piece, and outlines some of the ways that Bush has been deceiving the country. It’s very, very good. It starts out with:

“When George W. Bush ran for president three years ago, he promised us an era of responsibility in Washington–instead we’ve got an era of irresponsibility unparalleled in our history. A week after discovering that the cost of occupying Iraq will be double the original estimates, we found out that the nation’s deficit is 50 percent higher than estimated just five months ago. In fact, during his two-and-a-half years in office, the President has misled us, the American people, on nearly every policy initiative his administration has put forth.”

Go read the rest. It’s also a good one to e-mail to people who don’t know what to think of Dean.