Dean Supporters to be Purged?

Via Atrios there’s a New Republic story about plans by Democratic Party regulars to take revenge on people who supported Dean. Key quote: “As one former high-ranking Clinton administration official puts it, ‘Will they work again in this town again? I hope not.'”

If something like this came from Fox News I’d assume it was a deliberate provocation meant to split the party, but the people at TNR are officially Democrats. Of course, I’ve always wondered whether Peretz would try to destroy the party if he thought that his side was going to lose control, and maybe I know now.

I’m 100% ABB and didn’t even take sides in the primaries, but this makes steam come out of my ears. I like a lot of things about Kerry and a pray to God (should there be one) that he wasn’t involved in this. Dean did the Democrats an enormous amount of good by getting out ahead and showing that it was actually possible to attack Bush, and he and his supporters don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

Dean did fling a bit of shit in the direction of the party pros, but they richly deserved it. Kerry won’t do himself any favors by playing their creepy little game.