Dean Condemns Profanity and Ethnic Humor

I was listening to some right-wing stuff on the radio today, and they said that at a Dean fundraiser last night a speaker called Bush a “piece of shit” along with some other choice words. They were all outraged that Dean did not condemn it, and said this is typical of him and Democrats, and shows what Democrats think of “regular Americans.”

Well, of course, Gov. Dean did condemn it. Here’s one reference: Dean Objects to Ethnic Humor at a Comedyfest in His Honor. Of course, he also condemned it and condemned the profanity.

“When the M.C., Kate Clinton, introduced Dr. Dean, she had to stall for a few minutes, because he was still fuming in the other room. A few minutes later, he took the stage and apologized for what he called offensive language. “I just don’t have much tolerance for ethnic humor,” he said. “We are all one community.”

[. . .]

“That’s not the kind of humor that has any place in the governor’s campaign,” said a spokesman, Doug Thornell, adding that the comedians had all been “given instructions to keep it clean.”

“The governor was incensed and angry,” Mr. Thornell said. “He thought the language was totally outrageous.””

Nasty, personal attacks are not the trademark of the Dean campaign. Sure, you get a dose of Bush-hating at Seeing the Forest and many other places online, but Dr. Dean’s campaign is about policy, democracy, integrity and the people.

Expect right-wing lies — it’s all they have.