7 thoughts on “Dead?

  1. Maybe we can show Bill Frist some 4 year old video footage and find out what killed the Pope.

  2. You joke, but it was the Pope (along with Reagan and Thatcher) who saved the European Continent from your brand of radical leftist views (i.e. Communism/Socialism)
    It is sad though that on the occaision of his death we have in the world the creeping spread of moronic leftism (I know redundant) once again (in Zimbabwe and Argentina for example) hopefully we can nip it in the bud this time before it slaughters another 100 million innocent non-combatants.

  3. Well! THAT posted so God doesn’t want me saying unkind things about the Pope?
    NJ is flooding badly, Trenton is flooded and the statehouse is closed because the Delaware River is overflowing, Princeton probably is flooded too, where CJ and I lived and got married, and I can’t find out a damned thing about where because the only news that’s being reported is about the dead Pope, like we don’t know that already. Philadelphia’s flooded, too. So is a lot of Connecticut and I would assume some of NY state must be, but you’d think that doesn’t matter at all compared to the laying out of the Pope.
    Let’s see if this gets posted.

  4. Heh! That paragraph got posted, so let’s see if I can get the second paragraph to post:
    Nope. The nasty paragraph simply will not post! I said that this Pope had his accomplishments, but he was also an ultraconservative bastard who brought the reforms the church had been making to a screeching halt, and favored the oppression of women and the poor.

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