Dead Computer Again – Warning on Compaq!!!

I have a dead laptop — again. The motherboard that was replaced on warranty in June is dead again. BUT HP DOES NOT WARRANT REPAIRS! They got me past the warranty expiration by replacing one defective motherboard with another defective motherboard.
HP is in the business of selling warranties, not computers that work! Avoid them. Do not buy Compaq or HP computers!
Update – With much effort and time on the phone I was able to convince HP to fix the computer, since it was their motherboard replacement that was defective.

4 thoughts on “Dead Computer Again – Warning on Compaq!!!

  1. Dear Dave,
    Please go down to Pioneer Square and pick up an iBook or Powerbook. You will never never regret it.
    Terry Oliver

  2. I’m typing this on a Mac G4 that we have at home. My wife has a PowerBook. I was Product Manager (and various other jobs…) for the BeOS operating system. I had one of the first Mac software companies.
    Now I have to use a PC laptop running Windows for various reasons.

  3. Dude! You’re a practiced advocate – why not apply those skills to standing up for yourself as a consumer?!?
    Write to Gripeline, tell Ed Foster your tale… get a consumer advocate on your side, shame these people into fixing your problem. The threat of seriously bad PR is often enough to motivate action.

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