Some people aren’t happy that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) only contributed about $300,000 to help Democrat Paul Hackett in yesterday’s Ohio special Congressional election.
In response I say contribute to DCCC now or even monthly (at least get on their e-mail list), so they’ll have even more with which to help out Democratic candidates in upcoming elections.
Also, read their blog.

5 thoughts on “DCCC

  1. Problem is that any money one gives to the D’s could end up getting to pad the wallet of DLC consultants working to get people like Biden D- MBNA ( formerly Citibank) Adam Smith or Ed Case and other war encouragers who have used thier vote and position to subvert an anti-war, pro-choice, pro worker agenda.
    Promise me that my money would go to people like Ginny and not to Joe Lieberman and I will contribute. But since the D’s keep rethuglican lites as thier flag carriers I cannot support them as a party.

  2. You are cponfusing the DLC with the DNC – Democratic National Committee. Howard Dean is the Chair of the DNC now. The DCCC works to get Democrats elected to Congress.

  3. That is exactly what I am talking about.
    I cannot see contributing to support rethuglican wannabees in congress. Examples cited were Adam Smith ( ? -wa), Ed case ( ?-Hi), the so called d’s wqho supported the credit card bill ( Bankruptcy Reform Gag) the D’s who supported the new Fascism in America Bill ( renewal of the (un) Patriot act), D’s who supported CAFTA and other turnoats.
    Why should anyone contribute to a fund that would give quislings like those any help at all??
    Any money that goes to the DCCC is also redistributed to support those who know how to yank the chain of the paymasters in D.C.
    Promise me that Ginny will get money and Adam Smith won’t get a penny and I am there.
    Until then I will contributed to selected candinates directly.
    And we haven’t even mentioned the losers the DCCC has made rich under the name of “consultants” why support overpriced people who are losers?

  4. Why give more money to DC demcorats to NOT give to real candidates? Why? Just give it to the candidates! And cut out the weak, cowardly, loser, not-really-too-distinguishable-from-repugs-anyway DC crowd!

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