Dave’s Coalition of the Willing grows

Hi, I’m Raena — another guest blogger, checking in from the land down under. I don’t often have the energy to publicly put the boot into the US administration, but with Dub-Dub visiting our fair shores this week, who can resist? Besides, we’ve been promoted from deputy sheriff to a real live genuine Sheriff of the US Peace. Lucky us.

Yes, they’ll be closing all the roads that he’ll be using, and yes, there’ll be big piles of armoured vehicles and medical facilities, and yes, there’ll be Marines and Secret Service and Australian Protectives aplenty. The Parliament House will be closed to all visitors and locked down tighter than a safe. There’s protests planned, but it looks like they’ll be shooed away like usual.

Gutless. Gutless. Gutless. It’s called a democracy. Oh well, at least we’re not bulldozing our slums.