Dave’s a brave man.

Letting his crazy friends natter about in his blog. 🙂

But, boy, there is sure a lot to rant about… how about The U.S. Army bulldozing Iraqi farmers’ orchards? Or the fact that we have to read British media to get the whole story on stuff like that, and the e-voting controversy? How about the growing backlash against the Bush Administration’s political interference in the selection of scientific experts on government study panels? Or how the Bush Administration is making sure protestors are completely invisible?

Or how about some lighter fare? Like how utterly pathetic and stereotypically whiny your typical ‘winger is? What planet are these people on? I swear, I could write a program to automatically generate this without ever once referencing actual content.

Or, some really serious stuff, like how totally and utterly screwed your average California municipality and county is, after granting unprecedented levels of retirement benefits (discount the ‘winger source, the data’s solid) during the late 1990’s based on absurd projections of expected annual returns by CalPERS pension funds (12-14%?!? what were they thinking?!?)… 40% of base salary for public safety workers going to retirement pension benefits (alone, not counting healthcare, etc). This has our local City Council folk here in Santa Cruz muttering about how the city is going to be forced into bankruptcy.

Anyway, there’s a lot to talk about… you’re also welcome to visit my personal blog, newly upgraded to the latest and greatest version of WordPress. And now I’ll shut up until Dave’s gone on vacation (hehehehe…).