DAILY STUNNER: Iraqi nuke sites "carefully stripped", post-invasion.

Saw this report from Rueters on CNN just now:

“Iraqi N-sites ‘stripped carefully'”

“We’re talking about dozens of sites being dismantled,” a diplomat said on condition of anonymity. “Large numbers of buildings taken down, warehouses were emptied and removed. This would require heavy machinery, demolition equipment. This is not something that you’d do overnight.”

… how completely irresponsible and oblivious do you have to be in administering the security for a site containing equipment useful for nuclear weapons research and manufacturing (dual-use materials carefully tagged as such by the U.N.), to have the whole friggin’ shebang disappear right out from under your nose without you noticing?

The International Atomic Energy Agency noticed this from satellite photographs

One diplomat said there were “dozens of others” that gradually disappeared from satellite photos analyzed by IAEA experts at its headquarters in Vienna.

Jesus honking Christ!

This is Keystone Cops material… someone ought to make one of those little Macromedia Flash movies… I can see it now. Dubya swaggering up and down the street, all macho and tough, while hordes of thieves with bulldozers and cranes and other such stuff swarm through the background, busily dismantling the town right behind him… there goes the bank… there goes the jail… there goes the courthouse… end it with a French guy going up to him and alerting him to the situation.

Unbelieveable. I wish this had come out yesterday, before the debate…

What reply could Bush make to a statement like this from John Kerry:

“Citzens of America: under George Bush’s watch, Iraq has been systematically stripped of equipment and facilities potentially useful in the manufacture of nuclear weapons – these materials were taken from locations that were well known, that U.N. security inspectors had marked and monitored for years, that should have been at the top of the administration’s priority list for protection.

Warehouses have been emptied. Entire buildings have vanished without anyone noticing. It took experts at the U.N.–people not even in Iraq–looking at satellite photos, to figure out that this was happening. The report I read said that ‘dozens’ of sites were stripped this way.

Citizens of America: I submit to you that the world is a much less safer place as a result of these events, the responsibility for which is entirely and exclusively that of my opponent. Ladies and gentleman – when the building is robbed… not just robbed, but systematically stripped of anything and everything valueable, you fire the people responsible for security and hire someone new. My opponent and his administration have proven incapable of securing Iraq and the world against the terrorists. It is time they are replaced.”

UPDATE: Quote from Dick Cheney Speech of Oct. 12th, 2004

The biggest danger we face today is having nuclear weapons technology fall into the hands of terrorists. The President is working with many countries in a global effort to end the trade and transfer of these deadly technologies. The most important result thus far -? and a very important one -? is that the black-market network that supplied nuclear weapons technology to Libya, to North Korea, and to Iran has been shut down. (Applause.) The world’s worst source of nuclear proliferation is out of business, and we are safer as a result. (Applause.)

Hmm… spoke too soon, Mr. Cheney? Or did you know about the IAEA’s pending report, and choose to ignore it (like so many others your administration has found inconvenient)? It would appear that you’re correct, Iraq WAS the world’s worst source of nuclear proliferation… but mostly AFTER the invasion, and the only reason it is “out of business” is because everything but the kitchen sink has been hauled off and sold to the highest bidder on the black-market, right under your nose.

Entire buildings! Entirely unnoticed! (except by those U.N. bunglers your administration so loves to bash)

What’s next? The Washington Monument? The Smithsonian?

The entire speech is available via the White House web site. It was brought to my attention by Declan McCullagh via his Politech list, who found it “unintentionally hilarious” (I couldn’t agree more) and was “compelled” to pass it along.

Thomas Leavitt