4 thoughts on “Cut and Run

  1. I’m assuming they’ll do it before the 06 elections, then try to clean up the mess this creates after the election.

  2. Well, this is what many people have wanted. Get out of Iraq now and all that.

  3. Bush and Cheney understand that it’s time to jump off the tracks, before the Iraq catastrophe can be pinned on them. The population of chumps to whom they can sell their bill of goods is rapidly diminishing. Impeachment Train’s rollin’ down the line.
    It’s not the blood that bothers their reptillian brains; nor is it the $300 billion down the toilet. They are worried about their skins, their prestige, glory, power, legacy. Bush and Cheney have rewarded those who enabled them. And ultimately, they still serve themselves and only care about themselves. They see the benefit of quitting the occupation, only because more Americans are disillusioned by this bitter legacy of deception, war, and moral destruction; and there is a good chance that America’s indignation will descend on those two charlatans and sneak thieves who have twisted our nation into a mockery of its greatness and high ideals.

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