Cultural Genoicide in Iraq on Bush’s Watch

Bush’s “war” in Iraq has produced a “new” nation-state that is, in every way, less safe and less secure for women and religious minorities.
The Mandeans, non-Christian followers, believe it or not, of St. John the Baptist are facing physical and cultural annihilation as a result of the chaos and empowerment of Islamic radicals precipitated by Duyba’s dubious invasion.
The next time you’re on a right-wing blog – especially one with religious conservatives on it, ask those folks if they’re happy with the idea that George Bush’s invasion has produced an Islamic state where it is not safe to be a Christian.

If the Christian right, at the grassroots, woke up and realized that George Bush and the Republican Party are facilitating the extermination of Christianity in Iraq (a 2000 year tradition) and the takeover of the country, without even a shot being fired, by Islamic conservatives who favor the imposition of Islamic law on everyone, it could be the death knell of the Republican Party… the Christian Right might very well stay home, or defect in mass to an isolationist party (like the Constitution Party).
The Democrats should pound the bleep out of the Republicans with this, day and night, in 2006. TV Commercials, day and night, with pictures of sobbing Christians “the Islamic fundamentalist radicals broke into our house and killed my father and brother, life was bad under Hussein, but now it is much worse under Bush”, frightened women “I can’t walk on the street, even during the day, even accompanied by my husband, without fearing for my safety – and God forbid that I expose my hair and let them know I’m not a Muslim”, the after math of bombings “The radicals, they come, they terrorize everyone… they just melt away when the American and Iraqi soldiers sweep through the town, and a day later, they are back, and worse than ever.” Excerpts from the Iraqi constitution, from press articles, statements by Muslim clericals, “Iraq is an Islamic nation.” Quotes from Iranian diplomats and Iraqi politicians about the close relationship between the two countries.

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