I’m at a Starbucks (read why) and there are two Silicon Valley business types near me (one in a suit) talking about reading Ayn Rand. Talking in all earnestness about how government is a disease that “6-year-old minds” need. They’re also talking about a Board meeting and “their financial guy” so these are upper-level types. Can’t really hear it well enough with the cappuccino machine going…

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  1. Corporate asshats like those you are sitting near have no idea how much their businesses are HELPED by the government, not hurt. I am sure the two smug fucks near you are Republicans, and have no clue.

  2. Snort. Since these people were talking about a “board of directors”, these people’s business wouldn’t exist without the government grant of limited immunity for the owners of their business. Under the English common law tradition, the owners of a business are fully responsible for the actions and debts of the business, and can themselves be bankrupted if the business goes under and can themselves be jailed for murder if the activities of the business manage to kill someone. Nobody would invest money in any corporation under those conditions. Thus the government grant of limited immunity.
    I have a proposal: If they don’t want to be regulated by government, fine. Give up that government grant of limited immunity for your investors, and see how far you get. Hah!
    – Badtux the History Penguin

  3. I remember readying Ayn Rand when I was 18 or 19 back in the 60’s and even tho I was still working with a lot of hormone driven teen angst/rebellion…the books seemed a bit overwrought and cartoonish. And they most certainly did not seem to provide any model for life.
    These guys at Starbucks are probably another case of arrested development. They are stuck at about age 14 in all its anger, rage and hyperindividualistic masturbatory narcissism. Sammy Scalito seems to be another one and most of the chickenhawk Bush Republican administration and the people who vote for them.
    Yikes…we are in trouble.
    These little assholes will be the first ones to shit themselves when the inevitable blowback comes down. That doesn’t do the rest of us much good however. We live on waaay too crowded a planet to have jerks like these running the show.
    What amazes me is that our country is being run by these jerks now.

  4. Ugh. I read The Fountainhead when I was 16, thinking it was about architects. (I now am one.) Boy, was that a rude surprise. Even as an adolescent I could recognize Objectivism for the twisted and inhuman philosophy that it is. On the rare occasion that I meet adult Rand devotees I assume they are pricks until proven otherwise. Oh, and The Fountainhead bears almost zero similarity to the actual practice of architecture.

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