Read this Kos diary, How The Wingnuts Destroyed My Best Friend and tell me how the current “conservative movement” is different from a cult? Except I don’t really think the leaders of this “movement” buy in to the stuff they are selling. I think the ideology is largely for propaganda purposes, like the con-man telling the 80-year-old grandma that she will get a free car if only she will pay for shipping…

4 thoughts on “Cult

  1. This almost sounds like my dad and I.
    He is a true republican and he despises bush yet he will back him wholeheartly. Drives me nuts, we talk on occassions but not all that much anymore.
    There is a wedge being driven between us and it’s politics.
    Yes,I agree the conservative party is like a cult
    It seems to shut their eyes to everything and even though I do agree with some conservative viewpoints he cannot even consider a democratic point of view.
    We are evil and out to destroy America

  2. The Neoconservatives ARE a cult. Their guru is Leo Strauss. The people they’re manipulating, and manipulation is one of the main teachings of this cult, have no idea what’s really going on, or that they’re being used as sacrificial lambs. It’s time to catch on to what’s really going on.

  3. I think that it’s the Christians and the cheesy TV rednecks like Limbaugh. The neocons are the dwarf on the blind giant’s shoulder.
    I believe that since no later than 1994 (Gingrich’s triumph) hatred of liberals has trumped all other conservative motifs. A lot of these people don’t seem to care if Osama is caught, as long as they’re able to slam liberals. They really believe that Osama, Stalin, and Hillary are all the same, equally bad, and they really hate Hillary the worst.
    And Hillary isn’t even a goddamn liberal at all.
    The ones I blame are the neocon opportunist types, and the “moderate Republicans”, “Independents” and “Libertarians” who know better but are still staying loyal to Bush.

  4. John, read up on Leo Strauss and what he taught the neocons. For one thing, he taught that you have to identify an enemy, and obviously the “liberals” are the chosen target of the moment. Plenty of others too, like “terrorists,” Iraq, and Iran. He taught that war is glorious, masculine, and noble. A means to unite the “masses,” too.
    Also, he was an atheist, or so he said, who taught that religion really is the opiate of the people, to be encouraged and manipulated by the chosen elite who run the country. And the country is to be run by a small elite group, devoted to his teachings of course. Since most of us “liberals” are also secular, we’re not aware that these make-believe “Christians” making all the noise are just as strongly opposed by the vast majority of Christians, including most of the evangelicals, as they are by the secular liberals.

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