Criminals – Plan Your Perfect Getaway is a criminal’s best shot at a getting a gun… no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Check out this video to see the states most friendly to criminals because of their loose gun laws that make it easy for criminals to buy, carry, or even traffic guns. Visit

3 thoughts on “Criminals – Plan Your Perfect Getaway

  1. I love how they cite the criminal’s complete disprespect of interstate gun laws as proof that the lax gun laws in states like Arizona will result in criminals having guns in Cali, for example. What they don’t understand is, by that logic, no criminal is going to respect a complete, national gun ban because they’re CRIMINALS. Even if you banned guns completely you’ll still have criminals with guns; and you’ll have a completely defenseless population for the criminals who don’t respect gun laws (and “gun free” zones) to prey upon.

    Sorry, you are not taking my guns. I need them for all the violent criminals your and Obama’s policies are making and empowering.

  2. Most criminal types probably aren’t going to bother traveling about the country seeking lax gun laws. It’s easier and cheaper to buy guns that have been stolen in residential burglaries.

    I’m sure people have gone to places like Arizona to purchase fully automatic weapons, then returned home where stricter laws may be in place. Those people would then be criminals, but they probably aren’t going to be predatory.

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