2 thoughts on “Credit Where It’s Due

  1. Hey, he’s still a wingnut. Still claims the insurgents are fighting for a victory by US Democrats in November and twists the oil situation in Kirkuk with the Kurds and Arabs horribly.
    From the Right Wing Nut House:
    :::Also in the north, sporadic fighting is occurring between Kurds and Shias over oil rights. Despite clearly belonging to the Kurds, northern oil centers are under pressure from Shias as they seek to move the Kurds out.:::
    From the WaPo article he links:
    :::About 100,000 Arabs are believed to have fled northern Iraq under pressure from Kurdish militias. :::
    Would not be prudent to acknowledge the US/Israel’s closest ally in Iraq is guilty of ethnic cleansing in the name of OIL.
    And given that most of the commenters see this post as a further call to move on from Iraq to Iran. But this was the strategy used by Dear Leader to move on from Afghanistan to Iraq 3+ years ago, left Osama and the Taleban to rise again in a way to make US neo-Confederates jealous, and left 2500+ US soldiers dead, tens of thousands wounded and deliberately uncounted numbers of Iraqis dead, wounded, and refugeed.
    Wake me up again when the Moran acknowledges that his own position is a neo-con fable of forwardism doomed to failure just as much as Cheney’s delusions.

  2. Links From Left Blogistan for 25 Aug 2006

    From Monday at The Angry Bear comes news of the IRS privatising back tax collection but only for the poorer and at a huge loss.
    The private debt collection program is expected to bring in $1.4 billion over 10 years, with the collection agencies keeping a

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