2 thoughts on “Credit Cards

  1. If you want to read a copy of this that hasn’t been scrambled in translation, the original is available on the WSJ web site.
    Like, no duh. The entire American financial system is set up to systematically rob the consumer blind.
    Boycott it, put your money into a credit union (where you own “shares” in the institution itself), or at worst, a local bank that you’ve throughly vetted and that believes in customer service.
    Cut up all your credit cards. Call the companies up, tell them you’re canceling your account and don’t authorize any further charges, and that you want to pay them off via a payment plan – say you want fixed payment amounts, and a term of six months (or one year, or whatever works).
    Or better yet, evaluate your financial situation, and if it seems reasonable, tell them to bleep off and die and good luck collecting. There’s a reason credit card debt is “unsecured”.

  2. As soon as you are down to the possibility of receiving one credit card for $15000 plus at any rate, then push those suckers to the max. One non application shows that you did not commit fraud.
    Me I went nuts in the first Bush war. Never could work full time again. It actually got funny at the end when someone from Wells Fargo would call, “you owe $2500, if you don’t pay we will clean you out.”
    “My answer call 1-800-Fuc-kyou, that is Citibank I owe them $25000 see if they give you any sympathy.”

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