C.I.A. Sends Terror Experts to Tell Small Towns of Risk:

“In part, the briefings are a direct response to rising fears of a Qaeda attack sometime this year and reflect the government’s willingness to take previously untried steps to detect and possibly deter an attack. This week, the country’s new acting intelligence chief, John E. McLaughlin, was the latest senior administration official to warn that the threat of terrorist attack on the United States is more significant than at any other time since Sept. 11.”

Here’s the problem.  The Bush administration has politicized the issue and used terror alerts for political purposes.  We were subjected to numerous terror alerts leading up to the war, for the purpose of terrifying the public to get them to support invading Iraq — and then the alerts stopped after the invasion!  Do you remember the fear?  The warnings about smallpox?  The warnings about possible nuclear attacks? 

The Bush people have SAID they are going to campaign based on their “war on terror.”  Just last week Bush said people should vote for him because they would be safer than if they vote for Kerry.

So there is no credibility when they tell us their is a new threat.  It could mean there is a threat – or it could mean this is part of a political campaign.  And we have no way of knowing which it is.

Jeeze, what if there WAS a real threat?  Or what if it was discovered that a country like North Korea or Iran really WAS about to do something to us?  No one would believe it!  Event the Republicans would assume it was a campaign ploy – and approve.  The idea of actual governance, or the good of the country isn’t even in the equation!    It is entirely about The Party.