Creative Plans to Demonstrate

The New York Times doesn’t do much with local news, so many of the city’s neighborhoods have thriving local papers. I get a llocal weekly newspaper, The Villager which has some good articles about events related to the upcoming convention. This week they have several long articles about upcoming events planned for the coming Republican Convention.

One front page article, with the headline: Just two guys who don?t want G.O.P to have a grand old time, is about Shut it Down, already described in another blog here. Describing themselves as “accidental activists”,

Gary Boston and Jeff Adler are encourging actors, musicians, servers, retail salespeople and hotel staff from across the city to call in sick on Sept. 1, the day before President Bush’s speech accepting the Republican Party?s nomination. Boston and Adler have declared the day a citywide holiday and said participants will help send a clear message to Republicans flooding Manhattan that the current administration?s policies are unacceptable.

The primary message we want to send conventioneers is how far out of the mainstream we think the party has moved them, said Boston, one of the two self-proclaimed “just two guys with a computer.”

Another great project, RingOut, reported with the headline: For whom the bells toll: Anyone but Bush, please! Is being planned by a group of nine headed by Christian Herold.

Certain of a deep well of anger among New Yorkers at the Republican decision to come to the city, Herold, 47, formed RingOut this spring. Combining his professional background in sound artistry, and enlisting the help of renowned avant-garde composer Pauline Oliveros, Herold organized the group’s two-hour event, which will be divided between a memorial to the victims of the World Trade Center attacks and a performance of a composition by Olivaros entitled “Ringing for Healing.” In which at least 3,000 people are expected to ring school, sleigh and cow bells.

One of the more interesting aspects of this event, which they are planning to hold around Ground Zero, is that they are not applying for a permit. If they are blocked from using the sidewalks, they will put the bell-ringers in kayaks on the Hudson. I hope they do that, and kayak past my place!