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Robert Parry at has posted his ideas about media strategy — basically, he says that we need to build new media instead of wishing that the old media would improve. I agree with every word he says, so just go there.
When I started at STF, my message was that the Democrats should just fight harder. Since then, between Dave Johnson, Parry, Caro at, and the people at and Media Transparency, I’ve been convinced that the Democrats won’t be able to do much without new media.
The ambient political opinion in this country — what people get passively from free media and scuttlebutt — ranges from hard right wing to wishy-washy centrism (which is called “liberal”). Until there’s really a liberal media out there, the Democrats will continue to have massive problems.

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  1. >The ambient political opinion in this country… ranges from hard right wing to wishy-washy centrism (which is called “liberal”).
    If there was a true activist media, you would see 44-point font headlines saying IMPEACH! above stories on the Downing Street Memo.
    That, and that 60% of Americans are now against the Iraq occupation, you’d think both of these would be a couple of good issues to move some newspapers, but noooo.
    And, when, oh when, will a Republican senator, a Republican representative, a right-wing commentator (hi Rush.), a lobbyist (yo, Abramoff), fundraiser (Noe news is good news), or bagman (hey there, Kenny-boy), actually get sentenced to some jail time? Surely, one of these guys live in a jurisdiction that doesn’t have a Republican D.A.

  2. There is a new media and it is growing. Free Speech TV (FSTV) and Link TV are both TV stations that have real investigative reporting. There are no commericals and these stations are financed through public donations. FSTV has Democracy Now with Amy Goodman as the anchor. She is widely recognized as a tough and courageous reporter who digs until the truth is exposed. She has had many free thinkers on as guests, such as Howard Zinn, Semour Hearsh, Noam Chomsky, Also on FSTV is INN World Report and Liberty News which are two more hard hitting reports. On LINK TV you can find MOSAIC which is news from the middle east and Journal which is news from Europe. You can learn more about what is happening from the overseas reports than you can from CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or especially FOX. There is hope. The corporate free stations are growing. They can be seen (totally) through DISH network or (in part) through DIRECT TV.

  3. Jane, that’s all good stuff. The availability of good alternate media to people who are looking for it is one part of the problem. I’m not completely familiar with those stations and their scope, but what I’m really talking about is a complete new track of major mass media which can reach the passive listener who just switches on the TV or radio and surfs. The goal would be to get 100% of the country to the place that everyone hears liberal voices on the radio and TV and sees liberal newspapers here and there, whether they make any effort or not — to change what I call the “ambient political opinion” which people get passively.
    Obviously we’re not going to reach 100%, but now we’re probably below 50%; even with AA, radio is still far less than 50%.

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